Terms and Conditions

1 For Overseas Employment

Terms & Conditions

Candidate needs to fill up the job application form of Career’s World, along with his/her educational certificates, previous & current employment details with supporting documents and passport copy. Authenticity of all the submitted documents is solely the responsibility of the candidate.

If the Overseas Employer, their representatives or authorized person of our agency selects the candidate and if the candidate accepts the offer, then the original passport of the candidate needs to be handed over to Career’s World and the candidate will be issued a receipt of the same. Depending on the visa procedures of different countries, the candidate should be ready to submit the original passport to Career’s World for a period of 30 to 90 days.

If the original educational certificates of the candidates are required for visa processing, then the candidate will be asked to submit the same with Career’s World against an acknowledgement receipt.

For any of the overseas company for the which a candidate gets selected, he/she should be ready to bear the expenses himself/herself for taking the medical examination prior to his visa processing.

Career’s World will have the authority to submit the passport and other documents of the candidate to the concerned offices which are authorised for visa documentations.


The amount of service charges for visa processing, flight tickets and documentation which will be prescribed by Career’s World and to which the candidate provides his/her acceptance, has to be paid to Career’s World in instalments as and when directed by Career’s World, before the travelling date of the candidate.

During the period of visa processing, if at any point of time, the Company decides that they don’t require the candidate anymore due to their own specific reasons, then the candidate should be ready to accept such situations.

In case any such incidence happens as mentioned in point no. 7, then the candidate is not eligible for any kind of compensation from Career’s World. However, it is the responsibility of Career’s World to return the original passport and other documents of the candidate along with the amount if any deposited by the candidate during such circumstances.

If after receipt of visa, the candidate is not ready to join the overseas employer, then the candidate is bound to pay for the losses incurred to Career’s World and the Overseas Employer for his employment & deployment.

If the candidate is sent back to India from the country of his Overseas employer, due to any kind of ban or guilt (criminal or other records), then in such cases Career’s World will not be responsible for the same in any way.

If the candidate decides to return back to India because of his own personal reasons, which is not in any way related to the Overseas Employer or Career’s World, then in such circumstances, Career’s World will not be responsible for the return flight ticket charges or any kind of difficulties or losses that may occur to the candidate. Also, the candidate will be held liable to compensate for the loss occurring to Career’s World and the Overseas Employer in this regard.