Placement Consultants in India

The employment market is currently very competitive concerning the huge development of the employment industry, and the demand for qualified labor has increased thereby. In contrast to the past, there are now numerous possibilities for talent talents, and the development of technology has made this process more efficient and simple. It can be confusing and challenging to find the proper personnel, which is where placement consultants can link employers to job seekers. 


The Leading Placement Consultants in India

 Careers World, the topmost and one of the oldest placement consultants in India, is available for you with an experienced team offering professional services of the highest caliber. As a 3 decades old manpower consultant, Careers World offers a one-stop solution for comprehending and carrying out each aspect of a successful recruitment campaign, where we provide tailor-made solutions to bridge the gap between employer and job seeker. We offer comprehensive legal counseling as well as advice on administrative procedures to get around every department and document regarding affirmations and permissions during a recruitment drive. We are primarily focused on talent acquisition to help businesses avoid ever being understaffed. Involving a manpower consultant in your recruitment process helps you save time and money as the agency fully undertakes the responsibility right from sourcing to final deployment. 


What do Placement Consultants provide the Company? 

The placement consultant firms offer end-to-end hiring solutions which is a must in the current scenario due to the expansion of numerous businesses and corporate sectors. They serve as a platform for connecting top businesses with job seekers. The velocity of the hiring process has increased dramatically. This is because of the uncontrolled growth of the labor force and the emergence of MNCs. With so many individuals looking out for a promising career, connecting with qualified prospects and vice versa becomes a difficult issue for businesses. This is where a placement consultancy comes into play. They serve as a link to identify the right human resources and guide them to the proper path. The benefit of the freedom to have additional options is something that manpower agencies offer.


 Benefits of Hiring a Placement Consultancy

  • Fast execution of demands
  • Talent-acquisition Expert service
  • Adapting strategies to the needs of the client
  • Operational and technical assistance.
  • Ease of finding skilled professionals
  • Flexibility
  • Lower Risks


 Scope Of Our Service

  • Source candidate– On receiving the job details and confirmation, we analyze our database
  • Media release– If needed, we opt for media advertising through cost-effective channels
  • Skill assessment– Suitable candidates are selected through detailed assessment options.
  • Arrange interviews-Offline or online mode interviews
  • Medical examination– Physical and psychological examination of candidates by the recognized medical team 
  • Orientation program– The selected candidates will be given an orientation program regarding the related matters.
  • Documentation clearing– Assistance in formalities like immigration clearance, visa endorsement, airline information, etc. 
  • 3 months guarantee for candidates– For our candidates, we provide a 3-month guarantee. In case the candidate is unfit for his job, we make a replacement free of cost.