With retail stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets still growing, there are exciting opportunities for energetic candidates who are in search of gulf jobs and want to realise their full potential. Interested in in Oman Hypermarket Job Vacancy?. A chain of prominent hypermarkets offers a challenging and creative career path for those who are interested in hypermarket jobs in Oman.


Oman Hypermarket Job Vacancy Details:


  • Inventory Forecasting Analysts (OR 250–400)
  • Supervisors (Food/Non-Food/Household/Luggage/Blankets/Apparels) (OR 150-170)
  • Assistant Managers (OR 250)
  • Division Head (OR 300-400)
  • Helpers (OR 120)
  • Cleaners (OR 80–110)
  • Billing Staffs (OR 120–150)
  • Head Cashiers (OR 150–170)
  • Flour Production Executive (OR 160–200)
  • Sales Executives (OR 400)
  • Sales Supervisors (OR 350–450)
  • Checker (OR 130–150)
  • Shelf Boys/Salesmen (OR 100–120)
  • Store Keepers (OR 130–150)
  • Pre-Sales (with GCC Driving License and GCC Experience) (OR 400-600)
  • Sales Coordinators (OR 200–250)
  • Outlet Incharge/Manager (Dhofar region experience preferred) (OR 350-400)
  • Van Sales (OR 180-200)
  • Bill Pickers (OR 120)
  • Inventory Coordinators (OR 200–350)
  • Inventory Assistants (OR 130–150)
  • Inventory Controllers (OR 300–500)
  • Merchandisers With A GCC Driving License (OR 170-200)
  • Receivers (OR 150)
  • POS Cashiers (OR 120)
  • Buying and Purchase Coordinators (OR 250–375)



 1) Maximum age of 40 years.

2) All candidates should graduate except cleaners and labourers.

3) A minimum of two year’s experience in FMCG, hypermarkets, or shopping malls is required.


Client interview to be held at Cochin in the last week of November. Interested applicants are invited to send their most recent CV to to [email protected] 


Career Scope in Oman

map of omanOman is a country located in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It is bordered by the United Arab Emirates to the northwest, Saudi Arabia to the west, and Yemen to the southwest. The capital and largest city is Muscat. Oman has a diverse economy, with industries such as oil and gas, tourism, and manufacturing. Oman has a unique culture that is heavily influenced by the country’s history and geography. It is known for its traditional markets, forts, and museums, as well as its natural beauty, such as the Hajar Mountains and beaches.

Oman has a diversified economy that offers a wide range of career opportunities. Some of the major industries in Oman include:

Oil and Gas: Oman has significant reserves of oil and gas, and the industry is a major contributor to the country’s economy. There are opportunities for engineers, geologists, technicians, and other professionals in this field.

Tourism: Oman’s natural beauty and rich culture make it a popular tourist destination. There are opportunities in the tourism industry for professionals in areas such as hospitality, travel and tourism, and event management.

Manufacturing: Oman has a growing manufacturing sector, particularly in areas such as construction materials, food and beverages, and chemicals.

Healthcare: Oman has a growing healthcare sector, and there are opportunities for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

Education: Oman has been investing in its education sector, and there are opportunities for teachers and educators at all levels, from primary schools to universities.

Construction and Real Estate: Oman has been investing in infrastructure development, and this has led to a growing construction and real estate sector. There are opportunities for architects, engineers, and project managers.

Service Sector: The service sector is also an important part of Oman’s economy, and there are opportunities for professionals in areas such as finance, IT, and marketing.

Overall, Oman offers a wide range of career opportunities for professionals across different industries and sectors. It’s a good idea to research the specific industries and roles you are interested in, and look for opportunities that match your skills and experience.

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