Urgent Requirement for Dialysis Nurse in Saudi Arabia- Apply Now!

Are you looking for Dialysis Nurse Job in Saudi Arabia? There is an Urgent Requirement for Dialysis Nurse in Saudi Arabia- Apply Now!

dialysis nurse job apply nowDiaverum, a Swedish-based renal health care provider in Saudi Arabia, is seeking to hire an experienced Dialysis Nurse. The client Interview is expected shortly. Diaverum is a leading global provider in renal healthcare, with over 460 clinics in 24 countries. Its mission is to improve the quality of life for renal patients by rejuvenating them physically and emotionally.

Dialysis Nurse Job Description

dialsys nurse vacancy saudi arabia

Nurses are in close contact with patients, and their main objective is to identify and fulfil their needs. Like doctors, nurses have a variety of specializations. In addition to advanced practice, nurses can work in acute care, cardiothoracic intensive care and neonatal intensive care units, primary health care, progressive care units, renal dialysis and pheresis. Nurses’ areas of work vary based on their specialization. For example, a dialysis nurse works in a hospital’s nephrology department. They provide personal care and assistance to hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients.

Patients with chronic or acute kidney failure need dialysis treatments overseen by a nephrology nurse or dialysis nurse. An experienced nurse who provides support to dialysis patients is a dialysis nurse. During dialysis treatment, nurses monitor patients and report any changes to the medical team.

Please check the job details for Dialysis Nurse Job in Saudi Arabia.

Job Details :

  • It is necessary to have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.
    dialysis nurse job saudi arabia deails
  • At least 2 years of working experience in the Dialysis Department is mandatory.
  • After joining, reimbursement of data flow and Prometric charges will be made.
  • Basic Salary: SAR 4000
  • Food Allowance: SAR 500 (Fixed).
  • Accommodation: SAR 1000 (25% Basic Salary).
  • Transportation: SAR 400 (10% Basic Salary).
  • After 11months of working, 30 days paid vacation with up and down-ticket to home country

  On Completion of 24 Months of Work:

  • Basic Salary Increment: SAR 800 (20% of Basic Salary).
  • Paid 30 days of vacation and two-way tickets back to your home country.
  • Plus one month’s basic salary bonus: SAR 4000.
  • Accommodation and transportation allowance after 24 months will be SAR 1200 and SAR 480.


Interested Candidates are requested to submit their updated CVs to [email protected]

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