Kuwait cement company, Kuwait



Kuwait Cement Company (KSCP) is a Kuwaiti public shareholding company that was founded in 1968. The company has operated according to strategic planning, as well as sharp insight and a distinct feel for the demands of the local market and clients, since its beginning.

Since the 1960s, the company has made significant contributions to the country’s industrial and urban revival, gaining valuable experience in a variety of industrial and investment fields. Furthermore, the company has always been known for introducing new products to the local market and gradually expanding its production capacity and product quality, depending on its experience, long history, numerous accomplishments, and strong client confidence in its high-quality national products.

Management of the Company is assumed by a Board of Directors comprising ten members. The Executive Management is led by a Chief Executive Officer and his deputy, who work together to carry out the Board’s policies in accordance with the company’s objectives and articles of incorporation. Furthermore, the company places a high priority on attracting a larger national workforce, both administrative and technical, to play a part in the country’s industrial development and prosperity.


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