Waterproofing Expert Job in Dubai

Job Description Waterproofing jobs in Dubai: A Group of Companies in Dubai is seeking experienced Waterproofing technicians to join their team. The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 2-4 years of experience in the Gulf region as well as should have prior experience working on a roof. We offer a competitive salary of AED 2000 plus accommodation, and opportunities…

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interview preparation tips

Things to Consider Before an Interview

In order to succeed in any screening or interview exam, a thorough preparation is essential. Here is a list of important preparatory procedures you should follow to increase your chances of succeeding in the interview:   Interview Preparation Tips:   1) Research Investigate the company you are meeting with for the interview in great detail. Do not skip reading the…

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How to Tailor your Resume for a Job Description?

When looking for a new job in any industry it is better to create or update your resume. Careers are widely available in every sector. Even if there are great chances to acquire a secure career, your resume can help you land the ideal career opportunity. Here are some resume writing tips. Are you aware that most recruiters just give…

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job interview

Tips for a Successful Job Interview

The job interview is a crucial step in the employment search process. You can be outstanding in your resume, but if you don’t perform well in your interviews , your possibility of landing the job is low. In order to perform well, you must consider certain tips for a successful job interview. Let’s discuss the most important performing tips for…

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